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From Sharpsburg to Fredericksburg: 15 cool photos from 2017

ANTIETAM: Bloody Lane on a frosty fall morning. (CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE.)

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In my next life, I'll come back as a professional photographer armed with a high-quality camera. In the meantime, these iPhone shots taken during my Civil War travels from Sharpsburg, Md., to Charleston, S.C., and points in between will have to do. These are some of my favorites from 2017.

CHARLESTON, S.C.: War-time house in city's historic district

On a beautiful, late-summer morning, Old Glory barely moves. (See more Charleston images on my blog.)

ANTIETAM: The 40-acre Cornfield

Wildflowers bloom  in a field that was site of carnage on Sept. 17, 1862. The 16th Connecticut monument 
appears in the background..

DALLAS: Robert E. Lee Park

Flowers on the lip of the pedestal that once held the statue of the Confederate general, 
removed days earlier. (READ MORE.)

BRISTOL, CONN.: Civil War veteran's grave in West Cemetery

As I shot this image of the grave of 16th Connecticut Captain Timothy Robinson, the flag eerily 
snapped to attention in a brisk wind. (READ MORE.)

CHARLESTON, S.C.: St. Michael's Episcopal Church

The fabulous altar of the historic church, which suffered slight damage during the Civil War. 
My intention was to just shoot images of the church, but I ended up attending the Sunday service.

CHARLESTON, S.C.: Old Market Hall

During the Civil War, men and boys signed up for the Confederate army here.
 Today, the building houses an excellent Confederate museum.

CHARLESTON, S.C.: Modern-day tintypist creates work of art

Christine Eadie, "The Charleston TinTypist," holds her image of 2017 Center for Civil War Photography
Image of War attendees. (READ MORE.)

HARTFORD, Conn.: Folk art at Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art

An ambrotype of 21st Maine Private Adoniram Trask among seashells on an unusual piece
of folk art created by his wife. (READ MORE.)

ANTIETAM: Cannon peeks above spring corn

I shot this image yards off the old Hagerstown Pike.

MIDDLETOWN, CONN.: Grave of 15-year-old mortally wounded in battle

On a raw, late-fall afternoon,  the sunlight was perfect for this photo of the grave of Private Daniel Otis, 
who was mortally wounded at the Battle of Fredericksburg on Dec. 13, 1862.  (READ MORE.)

CARNEGIE, PA.: Relic board at Grand Army of the Republic Hall

Relics gathered  by a Civil War vet from Virginia battlefields on display at the
 Captain Thomas Espy GAR Post room. (READ MORE.)

BURKITTSVILLE, MD.: General William B. Franklin's headquarters

The exterior of the circa-1820 farmhouse provides interesting subject matter. (READ MORE.)

FREDERICKSBURG, VA.: Infamous stone wall at base of Marye's Heights

In brilliant sunshine, the re-built wall almost glows. (READ MORE.)

FOX'S GAP ON SOUTH MOUNTAIN (MD.): Where N.C. troops made a stand

As the sun was primed to set, I shot this image of the remains of the war-time stone wall valiantly
 defended by Southern boys during the Battle of South Mountain on Sept. 14, 1862. (READ/SEE MORE.)

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