Sunday, April 30, 2017

Video: Where North Carolina made its stand at Fox's Gap

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Before being driven off, vastly outnumbered regiments from North Carolina defended this area on Sept. 14, 1862, during the Battle of South Mountain, a prelude to an even greater battle in nearby Sharpsburg, Md., three days later. The rock wall the Rebels defended is easily seen in what was open field in 1862 but now is heavily wooded. Confederate General Samuel Garland, a Virginia attorney whose wife and son died of the flu in 1861, was killed near here. The monument to honor North Carolina's valor was dedicated in 2003. Listen carefully and you can hear thunder as a light rain begins to fall. (Or was that artillery fire?)

Monument dedicated in 2003 to North Carolina troops who fought at South Mountain.
Rock wall defended by North Carolina soldiers.
       North Carolina's soldiers' view of Union troops, who attacked toward the camera.

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