Tuesday, November 01, 2022

A spirited soldier image and the nighttime yips

A Yankee soldier with a little extra spirit?

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This ninth-plate photograph of a handsome, bearded Yankee soldier, his jacket tinted light blue, arrived in the mail recently with a note:

“Hello, John. Best of luck with the tintype,” Danny from Virginia wrote. “I’ve had it in my possession for probably 30 years with no issues. Not sure where I acquired it. It was never a problem until we moved into our 90-year-old home and my wife placed it with other military items.”

The “problem” started when Danny’s dog continually yipped in the middle of the night at the military display in the corner of their bedroom. The display included this photo.

The dog’s yipping made Danny’s wife nervous. So he placed the image in a shed. Near the shed one day, his wife felt something grab her, but no one was there.

“She got a little freaky about it,” Danny told me in a phone call.

Then she felt something grab her inside their house. Again, no one was there.

“You can stay here, but you cannot touch me, touch my dog or hurt us,” Danny’s frightened wife told the “spirit.”

By this time, Danny was flummoxed, too. So he put the image in his car. Then he placed it in his office. His wife has had no “spirited” encounters since.

Now I’m the caretaker of the image. This weekend, it goes to Daughter 1B for a test with her dog. Mrs. B is flummoxed now—with me.

Wish me luck. 😁

He spent the night with his pards.

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