Thursday, April 14, 2022

Civil War-related animals (and parts) I've met on the road

I shared a special moment with Nibbles at the Cumberland Church (Va.) battlefield.

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It just occurred to me that I’ve sure met a lot of interesting people recently on my Civil War travels. Shoutout to Barbara, the docent/receptionist in the grist mill “Little Phil” Sheridan tried burn in Edinburg, Va., in ‘64. I’ve also met some interesting animals. So here's my first Mutual of Omaha Wild Kingdom Civil War animal recap: 

Louie, the 325-pound boar, who eats “whatever he wants,” according to his owner, who once found a five-foot black snake next to his bed in the historic Cedar Creek (Va.) battlefield house he leases. Louie, whose gleaming tusks must impress his dentist, is such a boar.  

An unknown bat just hanging out in Harrisonburg, Va., at the Melrose Caverns, where I examined a bunch of Civil War soldier inscriptions on the walls. 

Finn The Groundhog Killer in Columbia, Tenn., site of an epic Confederate wedding attended by notorious ladies’ man Earl Van Dorn. Jason Whatley, the owner, is shown with Finn, who's probably contemplating another groundhog murder.

Cows named Nibbles (left) and No. 3 on the Cumberland Church, Va., battlefield. Cattle farmer Dirk Warner, who owns core Cumberland Church (Va.) battlefield, is a huge Nibbles fan. So the animal will never end up on your kitchen table. As for No. 3 ...  

Jake, who relishes walking the Antietam battlefield. He distrusts journalists.

An unnamed Amish horse somewhere in Virginia. 

A giant turkey (statue) in Rockingham County, Va.

Twin mules at Mule Day in Columbia, Tenn. I was thinking about the Civil War this day, so I'm counting the twins.

Redd (named for Redd Foxx of Sanford & Son fame), Addi and Rooney. Met their master, Myron the Mason, at the Stonewall Jackson's HQ in Winchester, Va. He was prepping for opening day (April Fool's Day).

Courtesy: Old York Road Historical Society, Jenkintown, Pa.

The left (or is it right?) hoof of Old Baldy, the favorite horse of “Old Snapping Turtle,” George Gordon Meade, the commander of the Army of the Potomac. The hoof and I had a “virtual” meeting via email. I also saw a lot of squirrel, skunk and possum parts on rural roads.

 Thanks for all you do, Civil War-related animals. Let’s keep history alive. 👊

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