Wednesday, December 01, 2021

The ghosts of Franklin: 15 images on hallowed ground

Shadow play on the bullet-riddled Fountain Carter outbuilding, bathed in a red light.

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What a fabulous experience it was Tuesday night on hallowed ground at Franklin (Tenn.) on the 157th anniversary of the battle. Brisk weather, hundreds of luminaries “burning” on the old Fountain Carter farm, a robust crowd, parking lot packed—this was as special and powerful as the annual Antietam luminary event I have attended several times. Lights at the Carter house property as well as from cars and traffic signals on Columbia Pike cast an eerie glow for photography. What a shooting gallery.

A red glow from a traffic light on Cleburne Street gives the battlefield an eerie look.
The Carter house yard, site of savage fighting behind the U.S. Army line.
The north side of the Carter house bathed in a light.
The ground a few feet from the U.S. Army works. A park today, littered with dead then.
Living historian John Decker poses in front of a bullet-riddled Carter outbuilding.
The view through a bullet hole.
U.S. Army artillery position in Carter yard.
Luminaries at the Carter farm outbuildings.
A "mysterious" shadow in the Carter house yard.
Vicinity where Confederate Gen. Patrick Cleburne was killed during epic charge.
U.S. Army artillery position near Columbia Pike.
A visitor (left) inspects the bullet-marked, brick outbuilding.
20th Tennessee officer Tod Carter was mortally wounded here, within site of his boyhood
home. He died in the house where he was born on Dec. 2, 1864. He was 24.
Luminaries at the 157th anniversary of the Battle of Franklin.

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  1. Absolutely incredible pictures. The ghosts are everywhere.

    Thanks for sharing your visit to Franklin.