Saturday, January 02, 2021

A visit to McFadden's Ford at Stones River (Tenn.) battlefield

At the Battle of Stones River (Tenn.) on Jan. 2, 1863, 58 Union cannons opened up on Confederate attempting to cross McFadden’s Ford. Roughly 1,800 became casualties in about 45 minutes. “The dead rebels lay so thick upon the ground,” a U.S. Army officer recalled, “that we could not draw the [cannon] across the field until the bodies had been removed allowing us a path.” I visited the site on the 157th anniversary of fighting there. READ MORE ... from the extremely knowledgeable Stan Hutson here.


  1. John, thanks for highlighting this battle on the anniversary. It makes me sad to think that the ground across which the Confederate forces charged during that attack--on the other side of the river--is lost to development. Is there anything left? I would be interested in any exploration of this area.

    1. Hi, Todd: Residences on the other side, where Confederates advanced. Nothing much to see there. Bring your imagination. JB

  2. Houston, Texas here.

    Visited the battlefield (with a very bored wife and 2 small children) some 30 years ago. Thanks for the refresher!

    Would love to make a return trip.

  3. Buffalo Grove, Illinois.
    I participated in making the Visitor's Center video at the park a few years back and it's enjoyable to re-visit it Through your videos. Thank you.