Saturday, September 05, 2020

Archaeology at Chickamauga: Hey, I'm really digging this

Professor Morgan Smith of the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga at the Brotherton farm dig site. 
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In a National Park Service-sanctioned effort, Professor Morgan F. Smith and his students at University of Tennessee-Chattanooga endeavor to determine the location of a war-time road on the battlefield. It’s part of a “cultural resource survey” before the park removes trees and other vegetation to restore the Brotherton field to its war-time appearance. (Brotherton cabin and some fabulous Union monuments are nearby.)

Brotherton cabin near the dig site.
Smith’s team will dig more than 100 holes — like the one pictured below — and sweep the ground with metal detectors. I spotted Dr. Smith & Co.'s tent minutes after I arrived on the battlefield on Friday and was compelled by my inner archaelogist to stop.

So far, the group has turned up an ancient Indian arrowhead and a nail or two, probably post-war. Given the fierce fighting here, they undoubtedly will turn up bullets and other battlefield artifacts.

If I could magically re-do my career, I would become an archaeologist. Or perhaps a star lefty for the Los Angeles Dodgers. (Check out UTC's Facebook page for Chickamauga updates.)

Professor Smith's team will dig more than 100 holes like this on the Brotherton farm site.
More metal found on site, including a nail (left), probably post-war.
The most intriguing find so far is the ancient Indian arrowhead at left.

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