Thursday, October 24, 2013

Antietam: A rare piece of history from Roulette farm?

Did Union surgeons operate on wounded soldiers on this table?
The interior of the Roulette farmhouse has
 changed little since 1862.
Friend of the blog Penny was kind enough to share a photo of the gate-leg table above that may have a tie to the Battle of Antietam. Penny is a descendant of William Roulette, the farmer whose fields were the scene of terrible fighting during the battle on Sept. 17, 1862. Roulette's barn, spring house and farmhouse were used as field hospitals during and after the battle. According to Penny's mother, who died in 1997, this table belonged to the Roulettes and was used for surgery at Antietam. Perhaps the table once was used in the Roulette room shown at right, photographed through a window during my visit to the battlefield in September. If only that table could talk, eh? Here's a terrific tour of the interior of the Roulette farmhouse over at Harry Smeltzer's fine Bull Runnings blog.

William Roulette's farmhouse today.

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