Sunday, June 09, 2013

Antietam panorama: Pvt. John Bingham's Connecticut grave

                                                Click on image for full-screen panorama.

Sixteen-year-old Wells Bingham lost track of his brother as they made their way into John Otto's cornfield during the Battle of Antietam. Usually on the right side of Company H of the 16th Connecticut, John mistakenly was on its left, out of Wells' sight. He never saw John alive again. The 17-year-old private was killed in the cornfield, one of 43 men in the regiment who were KIA. John's body was returned to Connecticut, where he was buried in First Church Cemetery in East Haddam, Conn. John's brother, Eliphalet, who died in Virginia in 1864, is buried to his right. Both gravesites were decorated with American flags when I made a quick stop to shoot this interactive panorama on Saturday afternoon. Click here to download my updated Excel spreadsheet of Connecticut Antietam deaths. It includes family information and much more.

Pvt. John Bingham, 17, was killed at the Battle of Antietam. He is buried in
 East Haddam, Conn. The gravestone mistakenly notes his age as 18.

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