Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Antietam panoramas: Where Gen. Mansfield met his demise

                                           Click on images for full-screen panorama.

The upright cannon tube represents the area where Maj. Gen. Joseph Mansfield was mortally wounded at Antietam, near the East Woods. The exact spot is believed to be about 35 yards farther down this road. "When I came up, some men were trying to carry him in a blanket, but the jolting motion made him bleed so fast, they were afraid to move," the doctor who treated Mansfield wrote to the old soldier's wife. (Click here for the .pdf of Dr. Patrick Flood's letter to Louisa Mansfield. LARGE FILE. The original letter is in the Middlesex County Historical Society, housed in Mansfield's old home in Middletown, Conn.) Mansfield, 58, died at the George Line farm a day after the battle. His funeral in Middletown, Conn., was one of the grandest of the Civil War in Connecticut. Laurence Freiheit, who is researching the life and times of Joseph Mansfield, added the cool overlays to my panoramic shot.

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