Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New Civil War research project

I recently purchased in Gettysburg four tintypes of Civil War soldier Van Buren Towle. He served with the 14th Massachusetts Infantry, which became the 1st Massachusetts Heavy Artillery. Towle, a 36-year-old shoemaker from Haverhill, Mass., was captured at Harris Farm during the Battle of Spotsylvania (Va.) Courthouse on May 19, 1864. He was sent to the infamous Andersonville prisoner of war camp in Georgia and was paroled in December 1864. Towle died aboard the Northern Light on his way back home and likely was buried at sea. I hope to do more research on Towle soon in the National Archives in D.C.


  1. John--I will look forward to learning more about Van Buren Towle. Researching this young soldier and making his life's narrative known rescues him from obscurity--what a great tribute!

  2. johnbanks8:25 PM

    yeah, allright, so you take down some posts. you still should get another picture of lindsay lohan.

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