Sunday, August 31, 2008

JFK: Completing the circle

We traveled to Boston this morning with the in-laws to check out a few of the many historic sites in and around the city. Our all-day tour included a quick stop at JFK's birthplace in Brookline, a Boston suburb. The house is located on a fairly non-descript street about three or four miles from Harvard, where JFK attended college. Kennedy was born in the second-floor bedroom in 1917. The half-hour tour cost three bucks, and it was well worth it. The house includes period furniture, some of which is original to the house and owned by the Kennedys. Rose Kennedy, JFK's mother, wanted the house to be a memorial to her son after he was assassinated in 1963, so the family purchased it from the owner in the 1960s and later turned it over to the National Park Service. This completes the JFK circle for me. I have now seen where he was born, married and died. It was a little eerie walking through that house. Here's a blurry cell phone shot -- no flash was allowed -- of the second-floor room in which Kennedy was born. The ranger said Kennedy was born on the bed nearest the window. The shot at the bottom is the room Kennedy lived in as a tike. The family, which soon grew to nine kids, moved to a much larger house about a mile or so away in the 1920s.

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