Sunday, June 10, 2007

JFK and Newport, R.I.

We drove a couple hours today to Newport, R.I., one of the gems of New England. The town is home to numerous 18th century homes, mega-mansions along Bellevue Avenue and St. Mary's Church, where President Kennedy married Jacqueline Bouvier on Sept. 12, 1953. According to news accounts, 800 people gathered inside the church and another 3,000 waited outside. Here's a slideshow of the wedding and more. The big, brown church is at 12 William Street, a few blocks from the wharf area.


  1. Carnival Barker has chosen me to go the Summer Olympics!

  2. Honus Wagner12:00 AM

    Think JFK banged any of the bridesmaids in one of the backrooms before the wedding? If so, is there a historical marker there?

  3. m. monroe12:12 AM

    Jack was busy with pictures and I was busy with the ushers. If you know what I mean...

  4. Missed the whole thing. I was drying the car off.