Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Meet Stewart Cornelius, paranormalist

Wandering Civil War battlefields the past two decades, I've met all kinds of people.

A couple from Germany.


Famous authors.


But tonight in Gettysburg, a lifetime goal was achieved.

I finally met a paranormalist.

Stewart Cornelius, a genial sort, is lead investigator for the Mason Dixon Paranormal Society. His group takes "high-tech equipment" to capture evidence of paranormal activity. Hear strange noises in your closet, a low moaning in the basement or see a shadowy figure dancing outside your bathroom at 3 in the morning? It may not be your strange Uncle Harold. Stewart and his ghostbusters may be just what you need.

According to MDPS Web site, paranormal investigations are free. "Remember, though we like to have fun, we understand the fear and the seriousness of your situation," the MDPS Web site states. "We are after all, normal people."

Stewart eagerly handed me a flyer touting a paranormal investigation his group is holding in Gettysburg in June. The two-night "investigation package" includes lodging at an historic and "haunted" Gettysburg house and a gourmet breakfast in the morning. Ghost hunting and a gourmet breakfast? Now there's a vacation combo I never considered.

Before we bade goodbye, Stewart played a recording of an EVP (below) -- that's Electronic Voice Phenomena -- his group recorded of a Civil War soldier in Gettysburg. "Help me," the "soldier" pleads in a low voice.

Real or nutty? Judge for yourself.

As for the ghost hunting and gourmet breakfast package, I'm telling Mrs. Banks that DisneyWorld can wait. I'm going ghost hunting!


  1. Hello John,

    Wanted to say thanks for the blog, it was great. It was a pleasure meeting you at devils den and having our conversation. Please feel free to drop us a line if you are ever in the area or have any questions about the paranormal.

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  3. The truth is our1:10 PM

    Nutty, Amen to that!!We've seen this character at Sach's Bridge one night. He really likes to put on a show, claims spirits pass through him. The man just likes to be the center of attension from what we've seen. GIVE US A BREAK!!