Sunday, April 24, 2016

Antietam gallery: An artful look at the battlefield

Armed with an iPhone 6 and blessed with a beautiful day, I shot these images today at Antietam. Click here and here for more of my Antietam galleries.
William Roulette farmhouse through a knothole in nearby barn.
124th Pennsylvania monument.
A flag on a fence rail at Bloody Lane.
William McKinley monument near Burnside Bridge.
Close-up of mouth of a cannon.
Plaque on the 5th Maryland monument near Bloody Lane.
The observation tower on Bloody Lane appears in the distance in an opening in the Roulette barn.
Confederate artillery position near Harpers Ferry Road.
130th Pennsylvania  monument near the lip of Bloody Lane.
Light streams into the William Roulette barn.
Farmer William Roulette emerged through his basement door during the battle to implore
Union soldiers to "drive" the Rebels.
Cannon, a deep-blue sky and a field of green.
Violets in front of the grave of a Connecticut soldier at Antietam National Cemetery.

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