Monday, October 05, 2015

Antietam: 8th Connecticut monument at sunrise

8th Connecticut monument at Antietam.  (Photo: Tad Sattler)
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This terrific image of the 8th Connecticut monument at Antietam appears on the back cover of my book, Hidden History of Connecticut Union Soldiers. It was taken by Tad Sattler, whose image of the 14th Connecticut monument appears on the cover of my other book, Connecticut Yankees at Antietam. (You can order a copy of Hidden History on or shoot me an e-mail at for info on how to get an autographed copy.) Much thanks to Tad, who explains how he shot the photo:

Hidden History of Connecticut Union Soldiers was
released Oct. 26, 2015.
"I arrived at Antietam on Tuesday afternoon, April 14. I went to the 8th's monument that afternoon because you had requested a photo at sunset. Unfortunately the sun was setting and shining on the front of the monument, which would not allow me to capture the sunset. On Wednesday morning, I arrived with my teenage son David just after sunrise, but the sun was already in the sky and the colors were okay but nothing spectacular. The two of us worked on different angles to capture the monument and the sunrise without showing any of the modern home and garage in the right background. The pictures were okay, but I wasn't satisfied with them. I tried on Thursday morning with both my kids and my wife, but that was a total failure because they took too long eating breakfast, so we completely missed the sunrise. Our last day was Friday, so I decided to go by myself and arrived before dawn. I noticed that the fog was around the fence in the background but wasn't visible taking the photo from eye level. I decided to mount my camera on my tripod and with the legs fully extended and with the shutter set on a timer, I was able to hold the camera six feet above my head and capture this unique angle. I saved the best for last!"

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