Sunday, June 15, 2014

Gettysburg: Michigan Cavalry Brigade monument dedication

Michigan Cavalry Brigade veterans and the governor of Michigan (center in top hat) at
 monument dedication.
Upon closer inspection, there are lots of neat details in this William Tipton image of the dedication of the Michigan Cavalry Brigade monument at East Cavalry Field at Gettysburg on June 12, 1889. While Michigan Gov. Cyrus Luce (large top hat) appears with veterans and presumably their family members in the center foreground, another group apparently listens to a speaker in the background at the monument. Judging from the man standing on two rocks in a large puddle in the left foreground (see enlargement below), it must have rained in Gettysburg recently. And how about the scowl on the face of the woman next to the governor? She didn't appear like she wanted to be there. Led by the boy general, George Custer, the Michiganders stopped Jeb Stuart's attempt to get around the right of the Union army here on July 3, 1863. Here's a thread of Tipton-related posts on my blog and here is my Tipton Pinterest page.

For Michigan veterans, a bushy moustache apparently was required.
The man in the bowler hat stands on two rocks to avoid stepping in a puddle. It rained in 
Gettysburg the day of the monument dedication for the Michigan Cavalry Brigade.

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