Saturday, December 10, 2011

Faces of the Civil War: Share your story, photos

Holding a kick-butt Bowie knife,  Wiley S. Boon is the only Confederate soldier in this collage.
A private in the 35th North Carolina, he was killed at Malvern Hill on July 1, 1862.
I told his story here.
Stories of the other soldiers featured are on my Faces of the Civil War thread.

From Captain John McCall of the 8th Connecticut (killed at Drewry's Bluff)  to Private Justus Wellington of the 15th Massachusetts (killed at Antietam) to Private Van Buren Towle of the 1st Massachusetts Heavy Artillery (POW, died after he was paroled), the stories of nearly 30 Civil War soldiers are told on the Faces of the Civil War thread on my blog. Some of the photos that accompany the stories are from my collection of hard images; others are supplied by readers. If you have a photo and story of a Civil War soldier you would like to share, please e-mail me here. I'll feature reader contributions in the coming weeks.

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