Saturday, November 12, 2011

Antietam visit: A time to reflect

I took this photo at the off-the-beaten path 11th Connecticut monument at Antietam.
In this photo taken in October, the reflection of my outstretched hand holding my Blackberry pointed to Alvin Flint's name on the 11th Connecticut monument at Antietam. Throw in the sun rays, and that's a pretty neat shot. Flint, an 18-year-old private, was killed at Antietam. I will drive to Old Lyme, Conn., later this morning to find the grave of one of Flint's comrades, Captain John Griswold, who was mortally wounded near Burnside Bridge at Antietam.


  1. Interesting blog. Well done. I just finished reading a book featuring 200+ previously unpublished letters of a Minn. farmboy in the 1st MN. Volunteer regiment. I found reading the impressions from Bull Run to Gettysburg fascinating.

  2. thanks troutbirder....there is no shortage of CW material where I live.