Thursday, October 02, 2008

Shirley, they were kidding

Hazen Shirley Cuyler -- I always knew him as "Kiki" -- was a standout outfielder for several big-league teams, including my Pirates. Great triples hitter. But what were his parents thinking throwing Shirley into the mix? In protest, I refused to smile in front of his Hall of Fame plaque today. It was a very tense moment in Cooperstown. In a happier (and slightly blurry) moment below, that's me with Maz -- former Pirates great Bill Mazeroski. That final shot is me with Barney Dreyfuss, the Pirates' owner who built Forbes Field. I saw my first big-league game at Forbes Field a million years ago. (Had to do a few contortions with the cellphone camera to get that shot.) On last year's visit to the Hall, I got most of the Pirate plaques. Just a few more to go.

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