Sunday, August 26, 2007

Civil War in Norfolk, Conn.

Like most Connecticut towns, Norfolk has a Civil War memorial. Many of its sons served the Union cause. Many were killed. Here's the monument to those Union soldiers in the town common just across the street from the church seen below. Among the soldiers on the monument are two who were killed at the battle of Antietam: Benjamin Beach and Theodore Bates.

Beach was a private in the 11th Connecticut, which saw heavy action near Burnside Bridge at Antietam. He likely was killed during an attack near the bridge, which spans Antietam Creek. Beach is buried at the national cemetery in Sharpsburg, Md. Bates served as a corporal in the 11th in Co. E with Beach. Like many Civil War soldiers. his gravesite may be known only to God.

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  1. Jholmes12:19 AM

    Quite an erection. The builder had good handiwork.