Saturday, December 30, 2006

Civil War post of the year: Antietam

We've been bored here at John Banks' blog and slightly off topic. We're going to devote more blogs in '07 to our favorite subject, the Civil War. We'll have lots more stuff from Antietam, and we'll post more pictures of the ambrotypes and tintypes in my collection. Meanwhile, we'll feature a couple of our posts of the year:

Unlike Gettysburg, Antietam is perhaps the most pristine of Civil War battlefields. If a Civil War soldier were to visit Antietam today, he would find it fairly close to what it looked like in 1862. And unlike Gettysburg, there's not a lot of monument clutter. Here are a few of my favorite Antietam monuments. (All photos taken with my cellphone camera.) For more on Antietam monuments, check out Stephen Recker's excellent Web site.

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