Friday, October 30, 2020

Stones River: Hell's Half Acre, Hazen Brigade monument

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As I wrote for Civil War Times, much of the Stones River battlefield sadly has been lost to development. Here's a sliver of the field that survives. Enjoy seven minutes I spent at Hell's Half Acre and the Hazen Brigade monument, the oldest Civil War monument still standing in its original battlefield location.


  1. really appreciate these visual tours. ever think of using a drone to show the entire battlefields, or their important areas?
    gary van ess, green bay, wisconsin

    1. Would love to use a drone -- might have to investigate the, JB

  2. Houston, Texas here!

    I really enjoy your videos - especially the out-of-the way sites. Keep them coming!

    I visited Stones River many years ago. It's well worth seeing.

    Scott Shuster
    Houston, Texas