Sunday, June 10, 2018

Where a womanizing warrior made his HQ in Tennessee

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Earl Van Dorn
Welcome to White Hall, the mansion in Spring Hill, Tenn., used by Confederate cavalry commander Earl Van Dorn as headquarters in the spring of 1863. Later, General Van Dorn moved his HQ to Martin Cheairs’ nearby mansion, where the notorious ladies' man was murdered on May 7, 1863, by Dr. George Peters, who believed Van Dorn was having an affair with his wife.

White Hall, built in 1844, was a Confederate hospital after the Battle of Franklin in the winter of 1864, and Nathan Bedford Forrest also used it as an HQ. The mansion, which badly needs TLC, is for sale. Price: $1.75 million. The National Register of Historic Places nomination form includes cool details about the place.

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