Friday, April 17, 2020

A mini-tour of Shy's Hill, a Battle of Nashville site

I biked to Shy's Hill recently, traveling over hallowed ground that long ago became residential neighborhoods. Before shooting this video, I met a young woman there who told me of finding a Minie ball in a brook nearby. Not surprising. There's Civil War lead and iron all over this vast battlefield. Shy's Hill -- called Compton's Hill in 1864 -- was the extreme left of the Confederate line on Dec. 16, 1864, the last day of the two-day battle.


  1. Hey John, excellent post. I probably have an old pair of leather "hikers" laying around that I can send you for that next bike ride. :) Cheers, Rob

    1. Aha! I am gonna go bike over Shy's Hill again today.

  2. Thanks for posting this -very informative !