Saturday, January 25, 2020

Orchard Knob: Chattanooga's fabulous outdoor art gallery

Battery E Pennsylvania Volunteers (CLICK ON ALL IMAGES TO ENLARGE.)
PANORAMA: Monuments and cannon atop Orchard Knob.
(Click at upper right for full-screen experience.)

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The best art gallery in Chattanooga, Tenn., may be on Orchard Knob, site of Ulysses Grant's headquarters during the Battle of Missionary Ridge. The bubble of earth in a working-class neighborhood is studded with magnificent Civil War monuments. On a brisk Saturday afternoon, I had this free outdoor gallery all to myself. About a mile away rises Missionary Ridge; its larger cousin, Lookout Mountain, rises in far distance. What a sight.

10th Michigan monument.
Close-up of bas-relief bronze plaque on 10th Michigan monument.
New York state monument.
27th Pennsylvania monument.
The Illinois monument and Missionary Ridge in the distance.
109th Pennsylvania monument
Monument to 5th and 20th Connecticut
                             PANORAMA: Monuments on west side of Orchard Knob.
                                      (Click at upper right for full-screen experience.)
Battery E Pennsylvania Volunteers monument (foreground) and others on the west side of Orchard Knob.
Illinois monument with Lookout Mountain in the distance.

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  1. Thanks for posting these splendid views.

  2. These monuments are impressive. Standing in tribute to their memory across the generations. May we never forget their struggle and sacrifice.