Wednesday, September 25, 2019

An early morning walk in Antietam's 40-Acre Cornfield

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Decades after the Civil War, 16th Connecticut veteran William Relyea drew the diagram below showing where soldiers discovered the bullet-riddled body of 16th Connecticut Captain Samuel Brown (arrow) in the 40-Acre Cornfield after the Battle of Antietam. Brown, a teacher as a civilian, was 26. The location is near the 16th Connecticut monument that was dedicated in 1894. On Saturday afternoon, I walked the hallowed ground upon which 43 soldiers in the 16th Connecticut were killed on Sept. 17, 1862, and shot the video above.

Connecticut State Library archives | CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE.

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  1. Great video John. Hard to imagine how such a peaceful place could be the scene of so much death and destruction 157 years ago. The collision of 2 great armies must have been incredible. Thanks for keeping the memories of Antietam alive.