Tuesday, October 02, 2018

Crazy town: Let's take a walk on Nashville's wild side

You can smell the sticky beer on the floor from across the street from this joint. 
Betty does boots.
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When the Union army occupied Nashville during the Civil War, this Southern city was known for saloons and a section of town where there were many women with, ah, loose morals. (Prostitution was even legalized in the city during the war.) In 2018, Nashville is known for saloons and ... other stuff. Here are images from my Tuesday evening stroll up and down Broadway and nearby side streets -- the heart of the Music City's entertainment district.

Can't vouch for the museum. Can definitely vouch for the man's music.
Love me some Patsy Cline. 
Open 24 hours. Why, of course.
Be wary: This can be a ruff neighborhood.
Where the rednecks hang out.
Some fine barbecue is served here. But they serve the best at this place, which has a great web site, too.
Once a bank, now a saloon on Broadway.
Mrs. Banks won't let me go here. 
Difficult to stay out of trouble at "World Famous" Tootsies. 

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