Saturday, October 13, 2018

At new museum, view Strahl frock coat, Cleburne 'death kepi'

Patrick Cleburne, shown at Franklin in a painting, and the kepi he wore during the battle there.
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You can view effects of two Confederate generals who died of wounds suffered at the Battle of Franklin at the new Tennessee State Museum near downtown Nashville. Patrick Cleburne's "death kepi," found atop the Irishman's face in the aftermath of the battle Nov. 30, 1864, shares a  display case with the frock coat of Otto Strahl, an Ohio native. Originally buried near Columbia, Tenn., Cleburne was disinterred and reburied in Helena, Ark., in 1870. Strahl is buried in Dyersburg, Tenn. The other Confederate generals who died of wounds suffered at Franklin are Hiram Granbury, John Adams, John Carter and States Rights Gist. The museum's yet-to-be-completed Civil War section includes cool interactive displays.

Museum address: 1000 Rosa L Parks Blvd, Nashville, Tenn., 37208 | Web site

The Battle of Franklin kepi worn by Patrick Cleburne, only 36 when he died.
Frock coat of Otho Strahl, one of six Confederate generals who died of Battle of Franklin wounds.

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  1. The painting is actually a modern painting by historical artist David Wright.

  2. Laszlo Kertesz5:07 PM

    Don’t think this is the one he was killed wearing. I don't see bullet holes (Strahl wounded three times before fell).