Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Private Joseph Lindermuth, model for a Gettysburg monument

Civil War veteran Joseph Lindermuth (second from right) and family members at
1st Pennsylvania Cavalry monument on Sept. 2, 1890. (Courtesy Nancy Auman)
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On Sept. 2, 1890, the day the 1st Pennsylvania Cavalry monument was dedicated near the "Bloody Angle" at Gettysburg, Joseph Lindermuth posed leaning against it for a photographer. It was a special day for the Civil War veteran, shown above with family members in a cropped enlargement of the original image.

A private in Company L in the 1st Pennsylvania Cavalry, Joseph was the model for the monument, which cost $1,500. The monument may look familiar to fans of my Civil War Facebook page. For the past several months, I have used a photo of it taken by me at sunrise in October as the lead image of the page. It also appears below.

Joseph, whose last name also was spelled Lindenmuth and Lindemuth, died at 87 on July 7, 1926, of "throat and bladder trouble," according to a family history. The lifetime resident of Auburn, Pa., was a longtime employee of the Philadelphia & Reading Railroad.

Thanks to friend of the blog Nancy Auman for sharing this great, old photograph of her husband's ancestors.
Original image of Joseph Lindermuth, who leans against 1st Pennsylvania Cavalry monument.
1st Pennsylvania Cavalry monument at sunrise in Gettysburg in October 2016.

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