Thursday, December 31, 2015

Civil War in Arizona: Photos of Picacho Pass skirmish site

On April 15, 1862, a small Union cavalry force was routed at Picacho Pass, about 50 miles north of Tucson, Ariz.,  by about a dozen Rebels. The state-owned skirmish site, the westernmost engagement of the Civil War, is accessible to the public only via a permit but may be seen from nearby Picacho Peak State Park. For a spectacular view, you can take a park trail to the top of a mountain, as my daughter and I did last weekend. Here's even more on Picacho Pass on my blog.

A small wayside exhibit at Picacho Peak State Park explains the fighting at Picacho Pass.
Sadly, your humble blogger, an Alabama fan, appears in the image. Roll Tide!
The skirmish site is across U.S. Interstate 10, in the shadow of the Picacho Mountains.
Saguaro cactus near Picacho Pass.
Rugged, beautiful ground near Picacho Pass.
Another view of the rugged ground near the skirmish site.
Daughter Jessie Banks with her dad at Picacho Peak State Park, near Picacho Pass.
The skirmish site, inaccessible to the public, is several hundred yards beyond this sign.
                                           Click at upper right for interactive panorama.

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