Saturday, December 08, 2012

Antietam: 14th Connecticut monument then and now

14th Connecticut veterans at their monument on the Antietam battlefield.
CLICK ON IMAGE TO ENLARGE. (Photo: Connecticut State Library archives)
In the image above, 14th Connecticut veterans gather at their monument at the Antietam battlefield, probably after the dedication on the morning of Oct. 11, 1894. Love those old battlefield images of Antietam such as this one of the 16th Connecticut monument, this one of the 11th Connecticut monument, this one of Burnside Bridge and this one of Antietam National Cemetery. I found this photograph in the Connecticut State Library archives along with this image taken from a similar vantage point. Unlike the other 14th Connecticut image, which may have been taken by veteran Henry Page or Henry P. Hammond, there's no indication of who shot this photograph, which I have cropped slightly. The William Roulette farmhouse can barely be seen in the right background of the original. Below: Civil War blogger John Rogers shot these photos of the 14th Connecticut and 108th Pennsylvania monuments as fog shrouded the battlefield this morning.  Rogers' blog chronicles the life of Oliver Case, a private in the 8th Connecticut from Simsbury, Conn., who was killed at Antietam.

Check out the birds in the left background. (Photos: John Rogers)
130th Pennsylvania monument near Bloody Lane on a foggy morning on Antietam battlefield.
The 14th Connecticut monument is in the background.

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