Thursday, October 02, 2008

George Brett and fantasy campers

Stopped by Cooperstown, N.Y., today for a quick drive-by at the Baseball Hall of Fame and assorted other sites. I went over to Doubleday Field -- that's where two big-league teams play the Hall of Fame game every summer. I wasn't expecting much there -- it was about 45 degrees, drizzling, certainly not a day for baseball. Much to my surprise, a bunch of old guys were out on the diamond playing ball. Some really old guys. They were fantasy campers. I guess they forked over a couple thousand to rub elbows with a few former major leaguers -- including George Brett and Phil Niekro, who managed each team of campers. I took a quick photo of Brett through the netting behind home plate. Brett pitched, tossing some 45 mph "fastballs" that the campers struggled to hit out of the infield. My old shoulder was aching just watching it.

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  1. Joe Mantle11:55 PM

    Once drank shots with George Brett. Wished he would have actually bought one. He said everyday life was a pain in the ass. I think the first thing he did everyday was read this blog. He's ok now. Live in a nice place. Jello every Tuesday, bingo on Thursday.
    Joe Mantle
    "Joe, the Forgotten Mantle"