Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Antietam: A photographic retrospective

Images from my visit in late September to Antietam. Click on photos to enlarge.
SUNRISE: 132nd Pennsylvania monument and observation tower at Bloody Lane.
SUNRISE: Cannon on Branch Avenue with fog hovering over Antietam Creek in distance.
EARLY MORNING: William Roulette farm near crest of hill overlooking Bloody Lane.
SUNRISE: Branch Avenue, near John Otto farm
EARLY MORNING: Another view of 132nd Pennsylvania monument at Bloody Lane.
SUNRISE: Durrell's Independent Battery D Pennsylvania Artillery on Branch Avenue.
EARLY MORNING: John Otto's 40-acre cornfield, where the 16th Connecticut was routed.
SUNRISE: 45th Pennsylvania monument near the Sherrick house.
SUNSET: 124th Pennsylvania monument near old Hagerstown Pike.
SUNSET: 125th Pennsylvania monument near the West Woods.


  1. Very nice series Sir.

    1. Thanks Jim. Back at ya on your photos.

  2. OMG did you take those Antietam photos John? Unreal. . .

  3. Ah, yes. Will be back there in the morning.