Sunday, February 24, 2013

Antietam: Connecticut captain's gravestone still in disrepair

 14th Connecticut captain Jarvis Blinn's gravestone remains in the same state of disrepair today ... it was when I visited Center Cemetery in Rocky Hill, Conn., in September.
Jarvin Blinn's repaired gravestone in November 2011.  Blinn was 
killed at Antietam.  (Blinn photo: Rocky Hill Historical Society)
On Sept. 12, 2012, five days before the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Antietam, I visited the grave of Captain Jarvis Blinn of the 14th Connecticut at Center Cemetery in Rocky Hill, Conn. Sadly, the gravestone of the 26-year-old soldier who was killed at Antietam was broken, the top 3/4 of the stone resting in the grass behind the base. On the way to a research appointment this afternoon, I paid another visit to Blinn's grave, trudging through a foot of snow that still remains from a recent blizzard. Five months later, the gravestone remains in the same state of disrepair. Blinn's death shattered his two children and his wife, Alice. "His wife is heart-broken," Augusta Griswold wrote to her fiance, John Morris, a chaplain in the 8th Connecticut. "Their attachment to each other was unbounded -- he was all to her. Such a sad, hopeless, despairing countenance I never saw." (1) I'll investigate what the cemetery plans to do, if anything, to repair the gravestone.

(1) Letter from Augusta Griswold to John Morris, Oct. 19, 1862

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  1. I note the Masonic symbol at the top of his stone. Have you considered approaching them for help? Perhaps a SUV post can help. It is sad to see, but stones like this are all over the country.