Sunday, June 03, 2007

After Antietam: Battle of Shepherdstown

There's not much to see now at the site of the Battle of Shepherdstown (W.Va.), which took place two days after Antietam on Sept. 19-20, 1862. Developers want to get their hands on the peaceful, remote site along the Potomac River to build a housing development. Thankfully, a preservation group is fighting those efforts. A local told me he sometimes lets relic hunters on his property. I know the site was a popular one for relic hunters in the early 1980s. There's a farm house at the top of the hill behind this sign that has a cannonball embedded in a wall. It's private property, and I didn't have the time to ask permission to check it out. As the road marker notes, this is also the site where Lee's Army crossed the Potomac during its invasion of Maryland.

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