ANTIETAM: A foggy morning at Burnside Bridge.

Although the focus of this blog is Antietam, Gettysburg, photography and stories of common soldiers, I do delve into other topics. I visit battlefields several times a year and always aim to come back to Connecticut with something fresh and interesting. I particularly enjoy diving into the great resources at the Connecticut Historical Society and Connecticut State Library, where there is plenty of fodder for great story-telling.
27th Connecticut monument in
The Wheatfield at Gettysburg.

What you won't find here: posts on the Confederate flag controversy, re-hashing of battle strategies and stories on major Civil War figures. All that is covered well elsewhere.

If you're a descendant of a Civil War soldier, especially those from Connecticut and Pennsylvania, and want to share a copy of a photo, letter or something else you have found in your attic, please give me a shout. And if you're looking for a speaker at your Civil War event, please contact me. Here's my speaking schedule.

I can be reached at jbankstx@comcast.net or post in the comments section below. You may also follow me on Twitter at @johnnybanks or on my Civil War Facebook page, which you can "Like" here.


  1. Your blog popped up on my twitter feed for Civil Medicine. Looks very good. Several of my ancestors served in PA units. My great-father was an assistant surgeon at Gettysburg and beyond. Hailed from Western PA.

  2. Ah, that's neat, historywriter. I am from Western Pa., too. Mount Lebanon. Do you have much info, photo, etc., of your great-grandfather? JB