ANTIETAM: A foggy morning at Burnside Bridge.

Although the focus of this blog is Antietam, Gettysburg, photography and stories of common soldiers, I do delve into other topics. I visit battlefields several times a year and always aim to come back to Connecticut with something fresh and interesting. I particularly enjoy diving into the great resources at the Connecticut Historical Society and Connecticut State Library, where there is plenty of fodder for great story-telling.
27th Connecticut monument in
The Wheatfield at Gettysburg.

What you won't find here: posts on the Confederate flag controversy, re-hashing of battle strategies and stories on major Civil War figures. All that is covered well elsewhere.

If you're a descendant of a Civil War soldier, especially those from Connecticut and Pennsylvania, and want to share a copy of a photo, letter or something else you have found in your attic, please give me a shout. And if you're looking for a speaker at your Civil War event, please contact me. Here's my speaking schedule.

I can be reached at jbankstx@comcast.net or post in the comments section below. You may also follow me on Twitter at @johnnybanks or on my Civil War Facebook page, which you can "Like" here.

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