Sunday, August 09, 2015

Faces of Civil War: Reenactors in Woodbury, Conn. (Part 2)

Click here for images of reenactors whom I photographed Saturday in Woodbury, Conn.
From left: Wheeler DeAngelis (Willimantic, Conn.)  | 28TH MASSACHUSETS
Sam Weathers (Manchester, N.H.) | 6TH NEW HAMPSHIRE
Alex LaFontaine (Willimantic, N.H.) | 28TH MASSACHUSETTS
For two days at the Civil War Living History Weekend at Woodbury, Conn., Yanks and Rebs camped, cooked, drilled, slept on the grounds and attacked each other with vigor in two battle reenactments at Strong Preserve Park. Spectators got plenty of bang for their bucks ($10 entrance fee for adults, $5 for students and seniors) -- especially when the 9th Massachusetts Light Artillery and its two cannon rocked the four-acre park bordered by a field of eight-foot-high corn. (For more info on that fun group, which hauls around an original, 887-pound  bronze Civil War cannon tube from its base in Sutton, Mass, check out its web site.)

But reenactor groups skew toward an older generation, and some among them wonder if younger people will be interested in filling the ranks. And there's another concern, too: "The controversy with the Rebel flag isn't doing us any good," a reenactor told me. "You wonder if we'll even be able to have one at a reenactment someday."

Don Skaar (Bridgewater, N.J.) | 6TH NEW HAMPSHIRE
Debbie Truin (Dutchess County, N.Y.) | NURSE IN U.S. CHRISTIAN COMMISSION
Andy Volpe (Worcester, Mass.) | SALEM ZOUAVES
Joe Mangini (Woodbury, Conn.) | CONFEDERATE ARMY

Clockwise from left: Tom Dengler (Westfield, Mass); Bruce Clark (Bridgeport, Conn.); Carl Hutchinson (Sutton, Mass.); Timothy Dengler (Westfield, Mass.); Tom Langlois (Chicopee, Mass.); Alex Temple (West Springfield, Mass.); Willie Hutchinson (Sutton, Mass.); Nelson Murphy (Westfield, Mass); and (standing in front of cannon with arms folded) Joseph Langlois (Chicopee, Mass.)
Elliot Levy (Longmeadow, Mass.) | 9TH MASSACHUSETTS LIGHT ARTILLERY
Levy portrays Captain John Bigelow, who heroically led the unit at Gettysburg.

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